Our course is approved by the Michigan Department of State (DOS) and have over 35 years of experience in the field.
We must be doing something right…….

You will never need to travel to a classroom to work on the course.
You can study at home, the park, on a ski slope, or even laying in your bed.
Got Internet? Then you’re good to go…..

You can register online in a matter of minutes or if you’re fast a matter of seconds
It’s a quick and EASY process…..

We also offer a money back guarantee
No we’re not kidding…..
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Our Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDIC) is divided into 7 short Chapters that lets you log in and out as often as you need. Follow that up with a quiz that we guarantee you will PASS and life couldn’t be easier. We provide you a FREE certificate of completion and notify the State of Michigan as well. It’s that EASY….

We try to create a learning environment that is easy and convenient while making it a great learning experience.

Does it seem like I’m repeating myself?
I am, it’s is that EASY…

What’s the catch?
NONE, just register and get the ball rolling…..

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